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Natural Composts Deep Black Horse Manures 2023 Prices

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Deep Black Composted By Country Experts. Bagged or Loose.
"Feeds Life to London Soil Nature's Way" Composted almost to a manure peat with Natural boosters added

British Standard 3992 Grade for extra fertility / Conditioner.

No artificial (chemical) added as sold by London Centres and shops, which do not feed soil's natural microbe recycling life, and so soil eventually turns to barren dust, gives double/treble extra growth and blooms when mixed with London soil. Results will amaze. The best and only natural way to break up London Clay. Feeds all seasons and turns London Clay into fertile loam.

Brings back birds, bees, butterflies and flower perfumes. All in 75 litre bags or loose. £100 cu metre (equal to 15 Bags). One bag covers 2 sq. metres thickly spread or 3 sq. metres thinly (£100 cu. metre).

Compost Tipped - Half price loose - (£100 cu. metre. 1cu metre equals to 15 Bags Compost/Soil)

1 Cubic metre covers 30 sq. metres.
2 cu.metres Minimum order Loose or £7.50 a Bag.(15 Bags)
Prices Include Delivery To Front Garden (No Extra) London Area to M25.
Wheel barrowing on to Garden (loose) £30 c.u. metre Bags Tipped out on to Garden £1 extra

100 % Feeds. Horse Manure Compost. Natural Natural Deep Black Rotted to a Manure Peat..
Stable 1 year composted. horse manure. Full of life and feeds for roses, shrubs, flowers, tomatoes, fruit etc. Brings dead soil back to life, especially good dug in. Wood chip base +50% Straw base for acid loving plants (6.8 ph) £7.50 A Bag (15 Bags) 75 Litres. Takes Stickiness out of clay soil, stops reforming into rock if added liberally.

Horse Manure £7.50 a bag - 15 bags 75 Litres 2 Years Deep Black Rotted Manure.
Deep black. 1 year composted almost to a peat. Nature's perfect feed, mixed 25% compost to 75% your soil will give you the perfect fertile loam. Plants go berserk. Double growth and blooms. Amazing results. Customers come back for more every season. A deep black. Composted horse manure + Natural Boosters. Richer than only horse manure, Gives plant booster, specially bedding plants roses, flowers, vegetables, etc. Can also be used as mulch on soil surface. Rotted straw base, deep black manure peat. (7.0 ph) £7.50 a Bag Retains Moisture
The worms in your soil love it and within a month will have pulled it deep into your soil breaking it down further (worm casts) into fine loam plant feed. The expert's secret compost prize Booster mix makes enormous vegetables and flowers all season £7.50.50 A Bag 75 Litres. £7.50 a bag without boosters (15 Bags). Unbelievable results growth and blooms. Natural.

Pine Bark (Norfolk) Weed smotherer and mulch. £8.50 A Bag 75 Litres. Ornamental grade
Grit and Gravel £7.50 A Bag 15 Kilos

FOR ALL ABOVE COMPOSTS Natural. Deep Black Rotted

Our Insurance Covers Delivery to Kerbside Only. Entry into Garden or House at Purchasers Risk All Ways.

Available in 75 litre bags Composted Horse Manure. Deep Black / year Rotted. Natural

A 75 Litre Bag covers 2 sq. metres 5c.m. deep compost

Call 02076074225

Recommended: Evening Standard , Daily Telegraph


BBC Gardener's World
Environmental Reg. No. TNE 379 755 / LB. CARRIER / BROKER LICENSE

From compost topsoil to horticultural soil delivered to your door in London or the home counties.

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