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Payment Terms

Cash / Cheque on delivery or bank transfer on delivery.  Or in advance when ordering ( if you are not there for delivery) Turf: payment when ordering. 

Please note: Our insurance and prices are to delivery to kerb side only. Delivery into front garden or house, solely at purchaser's risk all ways. And subject to staff's / Time schedule / Inspection / parking. No carrying up any stairs or lifting. Only wheel barrowing to garden .£30 A Ton by prior arrangement.extra 2 ton Loads Loose tipped Topsoil (Grade 1) / compost Manure 3 cubic -Metres soil 2 tons, £100 a ton £100 a cubic metre compost.

If you prefer bags to be lighter. They can be supplied in half size (Weight) at 50 pence extra for the extra Bag. Bags Tipped out and spread. (Compost/topsoil) £1 a bag extra by prior arrangement.



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From compost topsoil to horticultural soil delivered to your door in London or the home counties.

Phone: 020 7607 0689 (24 Hours)
Mobile: 07932 917 339
100% Organic Deep Black Composted Horse Manure. B.S.3882 Grade £100 c.u. metre   75 Litre Bags Compost £7.00 Bag - 15 Bags
Country Topsoil £7.00 Bag - 40 Litres 15+ Bags   Country Topsoil with manure mix 25% £100 Ton
British standard horticultural soil. B.S. 3882. General purpose grade.
Compost / Soil 100% Organic. Natural. B.S 3882
Prices include delivery no extra charges

Prices include Delivery. London Central to M25. Plus Congestion Charge if applicable £10
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